Video app template

Trying to please wildly different video businesses required us to create a smart, scalable app design to satisfy a variety of potential content structure needs. The catch? A quick turnaround and few developer resources.

With the Zype platform, video businesses can create and customize their own video apps that they then submit to Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and other marketplaces. Our primary goal was to create an MVP that would satisfy 95% of our clients and their fans in terms of content structure, ease-of-use and video discovery. Since we were tight on internal developer resources, the UX had to be as simple as possible without negatively effecting the end-user experience.

What role did I play in this? I collaborated with our Customer Success team for insights into customer use cases, with our engineering and app teams to understand dev limitations and with all stakeholders to move the project forward. Specifically, I carried out: UX, UI, and assisting developers during the implementation phase.

Ideating + Wireframing

Ideating + Wireframing

Since our #1 goal was to adhere to a familiar but sophisticated user experience that would satisfy the vast majority of our clients, I took inspiration from app layouts already out in the wild. For videos a client may want to feature, a live broadcast for example, we wanted to include a significant, but optional, space on the home screen.

Another key goal was for the layout to be flexible enough to satisfy any type of content hierarchy, including the common Genre > Series > Season > Episode hierarchy, while also planning for minimal dev work in terms of the number of screens needed to be built out. As you can see below, we narrowed the MVP to 3 screens with the “Series/Season” screen to be cloned as many times as necessary to support the content hierarchy.

Apps in the wild

Apps in the wild

Once the MVP was produced and launched, we tested it with a few clients until we felt good to release to the masses. Overall, the response was positive and clients were pleased with navigation, content flexibility and the simple, sophisticated design.

Below are a few early adopters of this template.